Massage Therapy in Linwood, NJ

Soft Tissue and Massage Therapy

Chiropractors who practice Soft Tissue and Massage Therapy have training to provide many kinds of massage therapies. Therapeutic massage therapy enhances circulation while it minimizes pain levels. Each patient has different needs, that vary widely. The best technique for your particular needs will be selected by your chiropractor.

Therapeutic Stretches

After one is injured, therapeutic stretching is one critical method of preventing the formation of scar tissue. Continuing to engage in a regular stretching program even after the injury has healed helps maintain flexibility of the muscles, boosts mobility, and helps protect you from additional injuries. You will receive instruction on effective methods of stretching as the chiropractor or physical therapist guides you to a comfortable position that you can achieve on your own.

Therapeutic Exercise

For patients who experience back, neck, and extremity issues, Chiropractors frequently suggest particular strengthening exercises. Performing these exercises can result in pain reduction, prevent muscle deterioration, encourage joint health, boost strength, stability, and range of motion, and protect from additional or cumulative injuries. You will be taught how to do the exercises under the supervision of the chiropractor, until you are able to successfully do them by yourself. It is vital to maintain your fitness regimen as ordered. Patients who stick to their prescribed workouts recover quicker than others.