About Dr. Barry Rizzo Jr

Dr. Barry Rizzo Jr, DC
Dr. Barry Rizzo Jr, DC

Dr. Barry Rizzo is a chiropractic specialist in Toms River, NJ and the founder of Toms River Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. He received his degree from New York Chiropractic College in 1998 and has been in practice for more than 21 years.

The clinic specializes in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Progressive Rehab, and Acupuncture for the treament of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, arm pain and sciatica; people with arthritis, disc herniations, stenosis, sprains, tendonitis and overuse injuries.

Dr. Rizzo and his team of providers also incorporate the use of Medical Doctors, and have outstanding relationships with specialties including Orthopedics, Pain Management, Neurology, Psychology, OBGyn and Primary Care Physicians.

“There is no greater honor or reward than helping someone understand their condition and helping them achieve a lasting solution to their pain.”
Dr. Barry Rizzo, D.C.